Q&A: Darlene Love Says Hello to Steven Van Zandt, Goodbye to Letterman

“Finally.” It’s the word Darlene Love says with a laugh when you ask her to describe what it’s like being in the studio with Steven Van Zandt, 30 years after the two swore they’d make an album together. With Van […]


Darlene Love featured on Bette Midler’s new album “It’s The Girls”

Bette Midler releases “It’s The Girls” album by Warner Bros on Nov 4th featuring a duet with Darlene Love singing “He’s Sure The Boy I Love” (read full article here)

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Darlene Love on FoxNY!

(click here to view the full video)

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‘Flat-Out, Ass-Kickin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll’: ‘Shindig!’ Debuts 50 Years Ago

‘Shindig!,’ TV’s first prime-time rock music show, premiered on ABC on Sept. 16, 1964. The brainchild of British TV producer Jack Good, the energetic half-hour’s instant success spawned a raft of imitators — including ‘Hullabaloo,’ ‘Shivaree’ and ‘Hollywood A Go-Go.’ […]


Steven Van Zandt ‘Finally’ Cooks Up Star-Studded Darlene Love Album

Steven Van Zandt ‘Finally’ Cooks Up Star-Studded Darlene Love Album E Street Band guitarist enlists Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello for influential singer’s new album E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt has begun putting together a record for Sixties […]

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Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart

‘Everybody’s Got A Hungry Heart’: Darlene Love Chats So So Gay Darlene Love’s voice has featured on countless songs, working with Phil Spector, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, Elvis Presley and Dionne Warwick, as well as her own solo career. Love was […]